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Tracks of the first tetrapods have been found in Chile, (the Magallanes Basin), Scotland, Poland and Australia which date from Devonian times (417 to 354 mya) and so this preliminarily sets a configuration of the equator which is roughly perpendicular to the present one. Fossils of the first amphibians like Tiktaalik have also been discovered in northern Canada. We know that these first land animals were cold-blooded and therefore could only exist in an equatorial region where temperatures were above 15 degrees C.





Continuing, the coal fields run through Great Britain’s coalfields in South Wales, the Midlands and north-east as well as Lanark in Scotland.






The line continues through Russia’s Moscow Basin coalfield and along to Kazakhstan, the Kanaganda and Eki Bastuz coalfields before reaching Chinas’ Xinjiang Uyghur in its western region north of Tibet. Also in China is the Qaidim and Sichuan Basin and the Ghuizou area in the southern Yunnan Province where vast reserves of coal are to be found.



The carboniferous coal line passes into Cambodia where coalfields are found at Wang Khi, 150 km north of Ventiane. In Thailand carboniferous coalfields are found at Loei and Na Duang.









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