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The slope on the graph suggests that in the past 27 million years, the total quantity of water on Earth has increased from 1.0  to 1.2 trillion-trillion litres.


This  (0.2 x 10^24) divided by 27 x 10 ^ 6


This is equivalent to 0.074074  x 10 ^ 18, litres per year


      Or  7407.4 trillion litres per year


Water accumulation calculated from Sea Level rise over past 100 years


The surface area of the oceans on Earth has been estimated at 361 million kilometres square. The ocean level has increased 18 cm in the past 100 years.


The increase in volume of ocean by the rise over the past 100 years is therefore


                       361,000,000 x 0.00018  cubic km


       equals       64980 km 3 over 100 years

       equals        649.8 km 3 over 1 year


       equals       649.8 x 10 ^ 12   litres/ year


       Or          649.8 trillion litres per year    (about 650 km3)


This amounts to    17544.6 x  10 ^ 18  litres/ year  over 27 million years


       Or     0.0175 trillion-trillion litres


The Earth, according to my models has increased its radius by 5% in the last 27 million years and so the surface area of the Earth has increased too (mainly in the form of new ocean beds) and this will have negated sea level rise.




The North Sea Shelf


From the following image (adapted from Smith and Sandwell 1997) which indicates the bathymetry of the North Sea Shelf it confirms that mankind will have been able to walk across to England from Denmark, Germany or Holland until about 27,000 years ago. This is calculated by dividing the depth of the Sea (50 metres by the 18cm/100 year figure. Fossil trees have been recovered from the North Sea Shelf which confirm this.


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Volume of water produced in last 2000 years (Roman times) =


650 kms x 2000 = 1.3 million km3


Amount of ice on Greenland, according to Wikipedia is 1.747 million km3.


So if the sea level rise during this period was due to the melting of ice - the ice on a landmass nearly the size of Greenland would have had to disappear.