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An Anomaly in Earth’s rotation (Day length)


The following graph does show an anomaly associated with Earth’s day length. Relative to its orbital position with the Sun, the Earth should have a much slower rotation period - and the day-length should be about 1650 hours. An impact or a number of impacts from ‘previous planets’ would mean the transfer of momentum from that planet to our planet such that an increase in rotational velocity would come about.
































Have we had Global Extinction Events?


There was a massive extinction event 65 mya when the dinosaurs became extinct.


The Permian Extinction, 252 million years ago, was also a global extinction event.


A massive extinction event also occurred at the end of the Ordovician Period some 460 mya.


We can examine whether these events occurred at the same intervals as those of the demise of old planets. From the following graph we can see that it will take 67 million years for Mercury to reach our Moon’s final solar orbital position (based on resultant diameter).

















































































































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