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             taking a fresh look at evolution

Interested in matters of evolution?

This web-site intends to bring together all the latest thinking on matters of evolution. Several new interpretations of evolutionary processes are introduced.

I suggest new frameworks for evolutionary pathways with the intention of resolving the many areas of confusion in the present day understanding of evolution.   

Much of the content is derived from more than ten years of researching relevant information on the Internet.

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Mechanisms of Evolution

Incremental stages of adaptation. Profound and rapid change evolution - reversion. Evolutionary stasis - staying the same. Trimming and vestigial-ism.

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Lemurs, Monkeys and Apes

Just an arbitrary grouping of tree-dwelling mammals? Similarities are due to evolutionary convergence. The ‘primatisation’ of ground dwelling animals. The hunting dog to ape evolutionary scenario.


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Savannah Apes

The intermediates between apes and humans. From African rainforests to savannah ecosystems. The reasons for bi-pedalism in humans. Gesturing and speech development.

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From a Reptile to a Bird to a Platypus?

The evolution of flight - the various stages. A small bipedal dinosaur as a candidate for bird evolution. Gliding and soaring. Increased metabolic rate - endothermy and heat conservation for colder climates. The biology of monotremes; the features they share with birds and the features they share with mammals.


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